What's New for Back to School 2024-2025

July 18, 2024

Classworks has introduced new enhancements to support your learning journey this year, many of which directly address your feedback and requests.

Differentiated Learning with Wittly by Classworks™

Wittly by Classworks is a personalized learning assistant that differentiates learning for students. Witty, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered personalized learning assistant, effectively caters to students’ diverse learning needs without increasing the workload for teachers. Wittly tackles this challenge by providing:

  • Differentiated Instruction: Wittly uses generative AI to tailor explanations and support to each student's learning style at their interest level and preferred language. This ensures a deeper understanding of concepts and fosters independent problem-solving.
  • Increased Teacher Capacity: By providing students with on-demand explanations and guidance, Wittly frees up valuable teacher time. This allows educators to focus on small group instruction and provide more individualized support.

The Student Experience

Your students have a new engaging student experience in Classworks! Students now have more opportunities for engagement and ownership, with added insight into their assessment and instructional progress. Learn more.

Universal Screener Audio

You now have additional options for managing read aloud with the Classworks Universal Screener.

At K-2 certain elements of the items for the reading screeners will default the audio to on. At grades 3 and above the audio will be turned off by default. 

At K-5 certain elements of the items for the math screeners will default the audio to on. At grades 6 and above the audio will be turned off by default. 

To enable audio for a student for a math or reading screener go to student details and check to allow read-aloud. Note, that your scores may see a dip this fall if you have not been strict in the past about students removing headphones when taking the screener.

The following reports will also indicate if the student used audio supports to complete the screeners:

  • Screener summary report
  • RTI Summary Report

Learn more. 

Enhanced Renaissance STAR Integration

This integration will include more data and a more robust learning path. You will now have access to the student’s unified score and their grade level equivalency, as reported by STAR.

Renaissance STAR Integration

New Create Classes Screen

We've introduced a new feature to streamline the process of creating classes. If you are enrolled as a teacher in Classworks, you’ll automatically be prompted to create your class after logging in. The “create a class” button will now appear on the Individualized Learning and Progress Monitoring tab.

New Create Classes Screen

Progress Monitoring Enhancements

We will be unveiling even more enhancements throughout the school year, including: 

  • Addition of Mastery Measurement skill-based Progress Monitoring
  • Phase Change - You will be able to mark changes in interventions on the Progress Monitoring graph
  • Addition of Oral Reading Fluency to Progress Monitoring

Take a deep dive into these enhancements by viewing our latest webinar.

Let’s Make 2024-2025 the Best Year Yet!

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