Curriculum Advantage, Inc. Provides Digital Learning Resources Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

March 26, 2020

For Immediate Release 

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA – March 26, 2020 

In response to districtwide school closings across the United States, Curriculum Advantage Inc.© has made remote-learning resources readily available for schools to maintain continuity of education while students cannot attend classes. 

To help schools provide effective digital learning for students, Curriculum Advantage Inc. is offering free access to its K-8 reading and math digital program, Classbloom©, through June 30, 2020.

Classbloom contains rich reading and math content in a digital format that is engaging for learners. Teachers can search and assign lessons by state standards, as well as track mastery for individuals and classes. Designed to work on any device, Classbloom is readily accessible for students to use during digital and remote learning days.

Additionally, Classworks©, an online tiered-intervention solution known for providing best-in-class individualized learning, has released a series of webinars, live Q&A sessions, and virtual strategy calls to help districts build school continuity plans. 

For customers, Classworks released a step-by-step plan of action to implement its online tiered intervention solution for remote learning. This plan is designed to address four main areas of concern: Teacher Participation, Instruction for Students, Reporting and Documentation, and Student Engagement.

Along with these resources, Classworks released a webinar for teachers and a Remote Learning mini web-series with effective and easy-to-implement practices to keep students engaged and on-task while they cannot attend classes. These sessions provide guidance to teachers on effective strategies for monitoring remote learning activities, suggested daily schedules for students, student engagement, and building parent buy-in. Classworks is already used for digital learning days, virtual summer schools, and for hospital and home-bound students across the country.

“As the need arises for schools to implement remote learning days, Curriculum Advantage is here to support our community of teachers and students. Districts across the country are already successfully using Classworks to support digital learning days during weather closings and for home-bound students. Both of our solutions, Classworks and Classbloom, are designed to be used on any device and provide rigorous, standards-based instruction, making them ideal for at-home learning. Our team of educators is ready to provide step-by-step guidance, online chat support, and virtual professional learning to help teachers understand how they can leverage instructional technology to deliver effective and meaningful remote learning days for their students.”

Melissa Sinunu, Classworks President & Chief Operating Officer

Classworks is ready to support educators with their shifting needs during this time. In addition to the remote learning web series and library of resources, Classworks educators provide virtual professional learning and virtual office hours. The Classworks online Help Center is available on-demand for educators with videos, guidance articles, and tutorials as are the online certificate SmartGuide courses. For those interested in Classbloom for remote learning, please visit

To see our school closing resource page, please visit


Curriculum Advantage, Inc. provides online instructional solutions proven to help students become critical thinkers and independent learners. Since 2003, millions of students have benefited from using our programs. Classworks® offers a comprehensive intervention solution that includes K-8 math, reading, and language arts instruction. Classworks uses students’ assessment results to deliver Individualized Learning Paths matched to their specific needs. Classbloom® offers on-grade level, K-8, standards-based reading and math classroom instruction, standards tracking and real-time feedback. Our evidence-based educational solutions are built upon strong instructional pedagogy and technological innovation.

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