Social-Emotional Skills

Classworks includes easy-to-use social-emotional and behavioral resources to easily track progress on CASEL-recommended skills and provide needed support.

Digital SMART Goal Tracker

Social-Emotional Competency Assessments (SECA)

Classworks includes a Social-Emotional Competency Assessment (SECA) in English and Spanish for grades K-HS. It is a student-facing check-in survey for students in grades 4-12 (teachers submit a survey for students in grades PreK-3).

The assessment was developed by Washoe County School District through a partnership with The Collaborative for Social-Emotional and Academic Learning (CASEL) and the University of Illinois-Chicago. More information about the Washoe County School District Social and Emotional Competency Assessments (WCSD-SECAs) and the questions included can be found here. The survey helps you measure and support students’ development of the following social-emotional discrete skills:

  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision-making
  • Self-Awareness: Emotion Knowledge
  • Self-Awareness: Self-Concept
  • Self-Management: Emotion Regulation
  • Self-Management: Goal Management
  • Self-Management: School Work
  • Social Awareness

The Classworks SECA is comprised of items from the WCSD Social and Emotional Competency Assessment (Davidson et al., 2017).

View sample report. View Insights.

Digital SMART Goal Tracker

Give students agency over their learning with a SMART digital goal setting tool. Track confidence and progress towards goals. Teachers have a real-time communication feed to provide guidance and encouragement.

Goal Tracker incorporates the SMART framework, a widely used, research-driven approach that helps students create clearly defined and measurable goals. It builds a strong connection between teachers and students as they work together to determine realistic goals and the necessary steps to achieve them.

Students set a goal, identify the steps they will take to achieve it, and identify how they will know when their goal is achieved. Then, they have a conversation along the way with their teacher as they take the steps to success. They also identify a confidence level as they progress.

Digital SMART Goal Tracker
PBIS Tracking

PBIS Tracking

Track positive behavioral interventions and provide transparency to teachers and students with Classworks Observations. Collect insights from teachers about students’ strengths and challenges.

PBIS Tracking

Our Customers Love It!

After using Classworks since last fall, I have watched my students grow week to week. We use a weekly award system they are excited about and work on it at school and at home to earn prizes. They have learned how to calculate their score to see if they scored a 70 or above. If they don’t make at least a 70, they are responsible for asking me to reset that one again for them to try again. Our students are making great progress with Classworks, and I am getting more and more comfortable with it every day.

Bridgette Smith

Russell County Schools

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