Classworks Puts Your NWEA MAP Growth Results to Work

Classworks and NWEA have partnered for more than 10 years to help you get the most out of your student data! Classworks seamlessly analyzes NWEA MAP Growth data and automatically delivers individualized reading and math interventions for every student based on that data.

Classworks and NWEA MAP Growth work together in two main ways:

1. Classworks analyzes MAP Growth scores and automatically provides reading, language arts, and math lessons to students based on their RIT scores.

2. Teachers can use students’ MAP Growth data to view which students are recommended to receive additional tier supports, such as progress monitoring.

Along with NWEA, let's put your data to work by individualizing learning to help every student succeed! Learn more about the integration below and see how we worked with Sunlight Christian Academy to put their NWEA MAP data to work.

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