Success for Districts Combining Assessment Data With Classworks®

November 15, 2016

Classworks Instruction Paired with Assessment Partner Data Accelerates Growth Per Recent Data Studies


Classworks® mission to improve student learning through high-quality partnerships paired with powerful instruction proves successful. In recent data studies, students using Classworks instruction–customized based on partner assessment data–are showing tremendous growth.

Classworks and Renaissance® 

Since 2015, Classworks has partnered with Renaissance® to individualize learning using the award-winning Renaissance Star Reading® and Renaissance Star Math® solutions. Wayne County School District, NC, discovered the benefit of putting their Star data to work with Classworks.

“The opportunity for teachers to use digital learning to address individual student needs is outstanding. Merging our use of Star Reading and Star Math with Classworks facilitates differentiation, personalized learning, and data-driven instruction. The participating schools will have tools to foster growth at their fingertips. That should be an educator's goal, growing students,” says Carol Artis, director of elementary education, Wayne County Schools. “Brogden Primary and Spring Creek Elementary piloted using Classworks instruction informed by Star data last school year, and teachers and administrators saw progress in many areas. The district decided to expand the implementation to all elementary schools and three middle schools.”

Classworks and NWEA™ 

Kershaw County Schools saw immense growth using Classworks instruction powered by the NWEA MAP® growth assessment data. Middle schools in the district were particularly impressive! Classworks middle school users with 70% + mastery exceeded NWEA Growth Norms by 13 points in reading and 3 points in math.

“The NWEA MAP growth assessment paired with Classworks instruction provides both the data and a plan for each student’s success. Our teachers are committed to helping all students demonstrate mastery, as evidenced by the exciting growth we experienced this past school year,” says Dr. Alisa Taylor, executive director for K12 instruction, Kershaw County Schools, SC. “We’re particularly proud of the middle school growth and look forward to seeing our students reach new heights of achievement this year.”

Classworks is laser-focused on delivering the most effective and efficient individualized learning experience with all of its highly regarded assessment partners, including NWEA, Renaissance®, Scantron®, and Let’s Go Learn®. This year, Classworks added ACT® Aspire as an assessment partner, automatically delivering instruction based on Aspire’s Interim and Summative assessment results. By connecting student assessment data to an individualized learning tool, Classworks is reducing the amount of testing administered.

Classworks’ open system provides the ability to continually add new integrations. As a result, school districts are confident that regardless of changes in their assessments, Classworks evolves with them. Districts using Classworks can take advantage of all of the partner programs without having to worry about additional fees.

“Classworks has evolved tremendously since the first time we implemented it. We are reinvigorated by their focus on classroom resources to support teachers combined with new partnerships that enhance the individualized learning,” explains Dr. Freddie Williamson, superintendent, Hoke County Schools, NC.


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