Classworks® Impacts Student Growth -- The Data Has Spoken

August 21, 2019

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Classworks Impacts Student Growth -- The Data Has Spoken 

Portfolio of Research Shows Students Using Classworks Experience Tremendous Growth

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA – August 20, 2019 – Students who use Classworks® by Curriculum Advantage, Inc, a best-in-class online intervention solution, exceed growth norms of three highly-regarded assessments and also outperform their peers in reading and math across multiple grades. Evidence-based interventions are a requirement of ESSA. Classworks continues to build the strongest portfolio of efficacy yielding evidence of its tremendous impact on student growth. 

“Classworks has always been committed to providing the best individualized interventions on the market. The variety of data studies amassed over the last year prove what students and teachers already know–Classworks works!,” says Melissa Sinunu, Classworks President. “This is true regardless of the assessment being used to individualize or the students that are working in the program. Classworks helps students nationwide raise proficiency in reading and math.” 

The Evidence is Clear 

The most recent data study analyzed student performance in grades one through five, from the 2018-2019 school year, on NWEA™ MAP Growth®, Scantron® Performance Series®, and Renaissance® Star® assessments. Students who used Classworks exceeded the national growth norms across grade levels, subjects, and partner assessments! Classworks students exceeded the Renaissance Star growth norms by an average of 48% in reading and 27% in math. And, they outperformed their peers by an average of 30% in reading and 24% in math. When analyzing NWEA MAP Growth performance, Classworks students exceeded growth norms by an average of 10% in reading and 13% in math. They outperformed their peers by an average of 17% in reading and 27% in math. Finally, Classworks students exceeded the Scantron Performance Series growth norms by an average of 13% in reading and 19% in math. In addition, they outperformed their peers by an average of 14% in reading and 15% in math. See the full study. 


ESSA Requirements for Interventions

Classworks’ portfolio of efficacy includes research that meets the criteria for evidence-based as defined by ESSA, qualifying our high-quality interventions for School Improvement Funding. A new study, “Classworks Efficacy: Reading and Mathematics,” was evaluated by well-regarded, third-party research firm, SEG Measurement. 

“SEG conducted a third-party, technical review of the Classworks Efficacy: Reading and Mathematics study,” explains Scott Elliot, president and COO of SEG Measurement. “The comprehensive, quasi-experimental study examines student performance on the NWEA MAP Growth assessment and concludes that across multiple grades in both reading and mathematics, students using Classworks exhibited more growth on the NWEA MAP Growth assessment than students in the comparison group. SEG finds that the efficacy study is consistent with the requirements for Level 2 evidence under the ESSA legislation.” See the full evaluation and study.


High Ratings from NCII 

In addition to the compelling research studies, the Classworks Universal Screener assessment received near-perfect ratings for reliability and validity in the Academic Screening Tool category from the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) at American Institutes for Research. The ratings, which are based on psychometric and intensive intervention standards, signifies the validity and reliability of the online assessments for grades K–8. The Classworks Universal Screening ratings are available on the NCII website.

“The impressive NCII ratings further validate the impact of Classworks as a comprehensive Response-to-Intervention program. Classworks addresses each tier with screening, rigorous reading and math lessons, progress monitoring, and a robust suite of reports,” explains Jennifer Treichler, vice president of services. “While we are best known for our adaptive, individualized instruction, our high-quality academic screener is the first step to identifying students that need additional support. We are thrilled to receive high ratings for such an important component of our solution ” 


About Curriculum Advantage, Inc.

Curriculum Advantage, Inc. provides online instructional solutions proven to help students become critical thinkers and independent learners. Since 2003, millions of students have benefited from using our programs. Classworks® offers a comprehensive intervention solution that includes K-8 math, reading, and language arts instruction.

Classworks uses students’ assessment results to deliver Individualized Learning Paths matched to their specific needs. Classbloom® offers on-grade level, K-8, standards-based reading and math classroom instruction, standards tracking and real-time feedback. Our evidence-based educational solutions are built upon strong instructional pedagogy and technological innovation.

About SEG Measurement

SEG Measurement provides educational publishers, technology providers, schools, and government education agencies with program evaluation and product effectiveness research services to support decision making. Backed by 30 years of research and evaluation experience, SEG helps organizations design and conduct scientifically-based research, from initial design to data analysis and reporting, and provides independent evaluations of research and efficacy studies. SEG provides advanced assessment solutions for K-12 and higher education, offering a range of assessment design, development, psychometric, and implementation services. SEG has delivered more than 100 million tests to tens of thousands of K-12 schools.

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