Achieve Your Special Education or MTSS Goals with Classworks

May 23, 2024

While many districts are piecing together the ideal tool to fit their unique needs, Classworks continues to be a special education and MTSS one-stop shop.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our amazing customers have to say about our intervention solution and how it helps to make their lives easier while enriching students.

1. Unique Needs of High School

“We’re using Classworks to Progress Monitor reading and math in high school. We are using a team approach to have the instructional specialist involved in helping develop goals. Teachers have reported that it has been helpful to show the high school students in Classworks where they started and where they're going.”

Sarah Craft, Special Education Instructional Coordinator, Vidalia City Schools

2. Saving Time

“Classworks has helped me save at least 4 -5 hours per week on creating, grading, and making spreadsheets for assessments. I used to spend hours making color-coded spreadsheets, putting on the data, analyzing the data, and trying to figure out what standards I was assessing with which questions. With Classworks, I just click a button, and the Progress Monitoring happens. It's really kind of like magic!"

Clara Modlin, Academic Interventionist, Oak Park Schools

3. Optimal Learning for All Students

“Classworks is such a wonderful addition to our curriculum! We use it for interventions, acceleration, and our tutorial program and our students LOVE it!”

Kate N. Jones, Multi-Tiered Support System Specialist, DeKalb County School District

"Classworks challenges students in a fun way based on the grade-level in which they can work. Since the work is independent, students are unaware of some of the learning challenges others may face. This is important to the self-esteem of my students.”

Dephne McNeely, Teacher, York School District 1

4. Creating Meaningful IEP Goals

“Our special education teachers are dedicated to creating high-quality IEPs customized to each student’s areas of need. However, that process can be cumbersome without the right data and tools. Classworks data is easy to understand and gives us exactly what we need to create meaningful goals. Plus, the progress monitoring being automatically tied to [it] is a game changer for us. Teachers are thrilled that they have reliable data and documentation. Classworks has cut their IEP writing time in half!” 

Katrina Jackson, Director of Special Education, Montgomery County Schools

5. Dedicated Support Aligned to Your Specific Goals

"The professional learning and training from the support team at Classworks has been very beneficial. Our account manager helps us analyze the data and the talking points with our end users. The trainers are very well versed in not only Progress Monitoring, and the science behind that, but within Classworks, they can tell us exactly what we need to look for and do.”

Toby James, EC Instructional Facilitator, Caldwell County Schools

Curious if Classworks is the Right Fit for Your District?

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