Teaching That Touches Lives

May 10, 2018

                            Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

Yes, you deserve way more than a week! But, this week we especially want to say thank you. We recognize the hard work, dedication, and hundreds of cups of coffee that go into shaping young minds.

It takes a special person to be a teacher, and while every teacher deserves our praise, we wanted to take a moment and highlight a couple that make what we do so worthwhile!

Davis Ann Speigner | Lakewood Elementary

Davis Ann is a 5th grade teacher at Lakewood Elementary in Phenix City, AL. She’s a bubbly, charismatic, literacy powerhouse who is adored by her students.

A self-proclaimed bookworm outside of the classroom, Davis Ann can be found cozied up with her favorite novels. Although she is partial to dramas, she agrees that her love of literature transcends genres of all types. And with published authors in the family, there’s never a shortage of reading material!

From an early age, Davis Ann knew that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. Things weren’t always easy growing up, but one of the constants in her life was the unyielding love and support she felt from her teachers.

“They weren’t just there to teach… they were there to love you and to mentor you. Teachers are there to be that safe space. Someone to talk to and who thinks you’re important. Someone to remind you that you’re special, and you’ve got this… every single day.”

By the time she was in high school, she could hear her calling as clear as day.

She embarked on her teaching journey, leaving her small town of Eclectic, Alabama, for Troy University. After graduating in 2014, Davis Ann accepted a teaching role at Lakewood Elementary in Phenix City, where she has quickly become an integral piece to the school’s success.

Although teaching comes with its share of challenges, it’s all worth it in the end.

“Once you know the needs of each child and how to differentiate, it’s smooth sailing. It could be something as simple as letting a child study sitting comfortably on the floor versus at a desk. Understanding their needs and taking small steps to help makes all the difference.”

And that help is greatly acknowledged. If you ever want to feel important or appreciated, Davis Ann says there’s no better way than stepping into a room with twenty-five 10-year olds. She reminds us that although we, as educators, have goals for students, they often have their own ambitions. Seeing students’ faces when they realize how far they’ve come is priceless.

She’s seen that look on their face when they work in Classworks. 

“They feel so proud of themselves when they do well on their Individualized Learning Paths. It makes such a difference because they can learn at their own level. It’s not just about success on a test, it’s about growth. When they master a concept, it empowers them to do even more.”

Classworks is the perfect fit for Davis Ann’s teaching philosophy: every child can learn. It’s crucial to educate each child as an individual, addressing their specific needs.

 “In order to instill a love of learning, you’ve got to let the student learn at their own pace and let them know that it’s okay to do so,” explains Davis Ann.

If you take away just one thing from Davis Ann, it should be that the impact you as a teacher can have on a student will last with them their entire life!

                   Thank you Davis Ann, and all teachers for bettering the lives of your students!

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