Classworks achievement study:
Reading and Mathematics

Growth in Both Subjects for Classworks Users!

In a recent study, students using Classworks® experienced substantial growth and exceeded Renaissance® Star suggested growth norms in BOTH reading and mathematics in every grade!

Classworks Users Exceed Star Growth Norms

All students using Classworks showed growth that exceeded Star growth norms. Classworks students exceeded the Star benchmark growth norms across grades 2-8 by an average of 25 points in mathematics! Students in second and sixth grades exceeded norms by 31+ points! In reading, Classworks students exceeded the Star benchmark growth norms by an average of 29 points across all grades. Second and third grade students exceeded the norms by 32 points!

Full Study

Classworks Users Outperform their peers

Classworks students outperformed students who did not use Classworks by an average of 20 points in mathematics and 16 points in reading across all grade levels.

Study Background

Study period: Fall 2018 to winter 2019
Students evaluated (math): 28,682
Students evaluated (reading): 35,952
School districts: 44
Grades evaluated: 2 - 8
Students represent diverse

Classworks Users

For this study, Classworks students
accomplished the following:
> 4 hours in instruction
> 70% assignment score
> 10 assignments completed

Tremendous Growth across all grade levels

Classworks: Mathematics

Classworks: Reading

In every grade, for both Mathematics and Reading, Classworks users outperformed students who did not use Classworks.

Classworks Students Exceed Norms

Classworks Students Exceed Norms

In every grade, for both Mathematics and Reading, Classworks users exceeded Renaissance Star Growth norms.

About the study

The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of Classworks instruction on students who took the Renaissance Star Reading® and Math® assessments. Star assessments provide benchmarks which indicate the minimum performance levels required in order to meet end-of-year goals. The results demonstrate the significant positive effect of Classworks individualized intervention on student growth. Classworks analyzed Star Reading and Math assessment results from fall 2018 and winter 2019. Results for 28,683 students in mathematics and 35,952 students in reading across 44 school districts representing culturally and economically diverse demographics in grades 2 - 8 were examined.