Impact of Classworks 2022 Study - Reading, LA K-3 (NCII Report)

After the closing of the 2022 spring testing window, an analysis was conducted to measure the impact of Classworks Individualized Learning on student growth for students performing below the 25 percentile. The study analyzed Classworks Individualized Learning Path (ILP) usage, from fall to spring, across ten districts and 2,176 students in Kindergarten-Third Grades from the 2021-2022 school year.

Results of the analysis concluded that Classworks ILP Usage has a significant impact and positive effect on growth for students performing below the 25 percentile in Kindergarten through Third Grades. Moreover, there are statistically significant findings for ILP Users outperforming Non-ILP Users based on grade level and racial sub-demographic group.

An independent third-party review of the study design, population, methods, analysis, and results was conducted by Century Analytics.

Effect sizes:

  • K -0.28
  • First - 0.48
  • Second - 0.23
  • Third - 0.64

This study has been peer-reviewed by a What Works Clearinghouse reviewer.

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