Classworks Impacts Growth for K-5 Students

Type of Study


Meets ESSA Tier 3 requirements

Measurement Data

Classworks usage and Renaissance® Star assessment data.

Grade Levels

1 - 5

Study Size

15,000 students


Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), evidence-based interventions are practices or programs that have evidence showing they are effective at producing results and improving outcomes when implemented; a promising intervention should be supported by one or more correlational studies with controls for selection bias. A goal of this research was to meet tier 3 ESSA standards by analyzing the impact of Classworks intervention while controlling for selection bias. This report analyzes the performance of 15,000 students on Renaissance® Star math and reading assessments. Student swho received Classworks instruction outperformed students without exposure to Classworks instruction by significant margins.


On the Star math assessment, students who used Classworks instruction averaged 24% more growth than students without Classworks instruction. In reading, Classworks users averaged 30% more growth. Across all grades, Classworks students outperformed students withoutClassworks instruction by an average of 23.2 points in math and 33.8 points in reading. These differences were tested for statistical significance. Across all grades and subjects, the differences in growth were statistically significant at the p<.05 level.

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