Bay St. Louis-Waveland Superintendent Joins Classworks® Mississippi Team

August 26, 2016


Dr. Rebecca Ladner joins Classworks®, a leader in digital instruction, as the account executive for Mississippi. Seeing the impact of Classworks on student achievement in her district led Dr. Ladner to take what she describes as “a compelling opportunity to help districts across the state experience the same success.” Dr. Ladner brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a seasoned educator in Mississippi.

Dr. Ladner’s history of excellence in education includes serving as superintendent at Bay St. Louis-Waveland for the past seven years. During her career, she also worked as assistant superintendent and principal. Dr. Ladner is well-versed in Mississippi’s key educational initiatives including a term as president of the MIssissippi Association of School Administrators (MASA).

“It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Ladner. Throughout her time with Bay St. Louis-Waveland she has done excellent things for our district, moving it forward in a very positive direction,” says Jenny Seymour, curriculum director, Bay St. Louis-Waveland. “We are thankful for the leadership she provided over the last seven years and wish her the best as she continues to improve student learning in the private sector.” 

Dr. Ladner and her administrative team introduced Classworks to Bay St. Louis-Waveland to close gaps and support intervention. “During a time when assessments were in flux in Mississippi, the NWEA assessment was our only strong predictor. Classworks partners with NWEA, allowing us to individualize learning for each student based on their assessment data,” explains Dr. Ladner.

Classworks was first implemented in the district’s elementary schools with tremendous results. Dr. Ladner adds, “North Bay, one of our first schools to use Classworks, had a 100% pass rate on Mississippi’s 3rd grade reading summative assessment for the 2015-2016 school year. This was an enormous improvement from previous years. I had the opportunity to see the power of Classworks at work in our district. I’m excited to share that experience with other districts.”

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