Classworks® Integrated Reading Has Wide Spread Support Among Classroom Teachers

May 5, 2015


Classworks®, by Curriculum Advantage, Inc., is pleased to announce the results of a study of its new Integrated Reading activities conducted by SEG (SEG) Measurement, an independent research organization. Classworks Integrated Reading, online weekly direct instruction for grades 1-8, was released in fall 2014. SEG conducted the evaluation of the usage and effectiveness of the activities. Read the full report.

When asked about areas of efficacy, 92% said the reading activities were most effective for increasing critical thinking and reading comprehension skills. Student engagement also ranked high – 96% indicated the activities kept their students engaged. More than 97% of the teachers felt that the reading activities were aligned to the goals and standards that guide their instruction. Nearly all of the teachers responded that they would recommend the reading activities to others and would use the reading activities again in the future (93%).

“It is very gratifying to see that teachers find the Integrated Reading activities to be an effective tool for reading instruction.” said Melissa Sinunu, President of Classworks. “Especially considering the recent Parthenon study indicating that 84% of teachers are searching for online content several times per week and the vast majority of them are dissatisfied with the quality they are finding. The positive results of this study confirm that we are meeting teachers’ need for reliable, rigorous instruction.” Among the highest rated components of the reading activities are ease of use for students, complexity of the passages, and quality of the open-ended and selected response questions, all receiving between 86% and 92% satisfaction rates.

"Classworks has shown a commitment to research and ensuring that students and teachers have access to research-proven solutions. We were pleased to be a part of this important research study." said Scott Elliot, President of SEG Measurement. One hundred sixty teachers (grades 1-8) evaluated 175 Classworks reading activities. The participating teachers represented various backgrounds, years of experience, school sizes and settings (urban, suburban, and rural).

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About SEG MeasurementSEG Measurement is an independent provider of research and assessment development services. We believe that students have a right to an education grounded in research-proven solutions. SEG Measurement is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania, between New York City and Philadelphia. Founded in 2005, SEG is celebrating 10 ten years of making a measurable difference.


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