Classworks Unveils New Student Experience

February 15, 2024

Classworks Unveils New Student Experience 

Enhancements focus on ease of use and student engagement 

Classworks, an award-winning Special Education and MTSS solution, unveiled a new, engaging student experience. Classworks aims to motivate modern learners with adaptive instructional paths, added insight into their progress, and built-in incentives.

“The guiding principles for the 2024 student experience are student ownership and transparency! Classworks has always provided engagement and growth opportunities for students. Now students have more insight into how they are performing on assessments, progress monitoring, and their learning paths. They can redo activities if they feel they haven’t done their best, ” said Jerry Henley, senior vice president of product for Classworks. “The new experience provides students with the same evidence-based, equitable learning content now presented in a simpler, more engaging experience.”

The new student experience includes: 

  • An intuitive interface with clear guidance on the next steps 
  • Progress monitoring dashboards to easily view progress 
  • Universal Screener assessment dashboards to view scores and track growth 
  • Instructional dashboard to easily view progress on lessons
  • The ability for the student to redo activities with low mastery 
  • Engaging and fun avatars and backgrounds 

Classworks is releasing the new student experience to select customers during the 2023-2023 school year. The new experience will be available to all customers for the 2024-2025 school year. Learn more about Classworks and preview the 2024 Student Experience. 

‍About Classworks

Classworks leverages technology and evidence-based learning practices to transform how school districts support students’ academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. Our CASE-endorsed, comprehensive Special Education and MTSS solution includes academic screeners, math and reading interventions, specially designed instruction, progress monitoring, and powerful data. Classworks screener and progress monitoring assessments are validated by the National Center of Intensive Intervention (NCII).


Jennifer Treichler, VP of Marketing

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