Classworks® Releases Enhancements for the 2024-2025 School Year

July 9, 2024

Classworks, an award-winning special education and MTSS solution, introduces several upgrades for the upcoming school year, including the AI-powered learning assistant Wittly by Classworks™ and a more intuitive student experience.

Next-Gen Personalized Learning with AI-Powered Assistant Wittly by ClassworksTM
Classworks introduced a groundbreaking advancement in differentiated learning with the introduction of Wittly by Classworks™. This AI-powered learning assistant, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) Bedrock and Anthropic’s Claude, a large language model (LLM), aims to personalize learning experiences and support educators. Wittly achieves two primary goals: personalizing learning for every student using generative AI to differentiate instruction and reducing teachers’ workload while enhancing their capacity.

The New Classworks Student Experience
Classworks engages modern learners with a more intuitive experience,  improved insight into progress and performance, and built-in incentives. The new student experience features:

  • An intuitive interface with clear guidance on the next steps
  • Progress monitoring dashboards for easy progress tracking
  • Universal Screener assessment dashboards to view scores and track growth
  • Instructional dashboards for a comprehensive view of progress on lessons
  • The ability for students to redo activities with low mastery
  • Engaging avatars and backgrounds to enhance motivation

“We are excited to provide teachers and students with a more intuitive experience, personalized learning support, and increased data transparency,” said Jennifer Treichler, vice president of marketing for Classworks. “We have collaborated closely with our districts to meet their evolving needs and we are confident these enhancements will facilitate their success in the new school year.”

Other Updates Include:

  • Universal Screener Audio: Educators now have additional options for managing audio as an accessibility feature for students completing a Classworks Universal Screener. Audio support is available for specific question elements and can be activated or deactivated at an individual student level.
  • Enhanced Renaissance STAR Integration: In addition to the ability to deliver Individualized Learning Paths based on Renaissance Star reading and math assessment data, educators can now view the student’s Renaissance unified score and grade level equivalency within Classworks.
  • New Create Classes Screen: Teachers can easily create classes as soon as they log into Classworks. 

About Classworks
Classworks is an award-winning K-12 special education and tiered intervention platform that leverages advanced technology and comprehensive data to deliver superior personalized learning experiences. The comprehensive solution includes academic screeners, math and reading interventions, specially designed instruction, progress monitoring, and powerful data analytics. Classworks is validated by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) and endorsed by The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE).

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