Classworks Praised in Latest Hanover Research Report

March 10, 2023

During the 2022-23 school year, the Public Schools of Robeson County participated in an in-depth Science of Reading review with Hanover Research. The research took a deep dive with Language Arts experts from six districts nationwide, with Robeson County being one of the six. With over 21,000 students in 36 schools, the district discussed its strategy to complement reading with Classworks, an NCII validated assessment and instructional program.

One Key Finding (p.9 & 25) in the report reveals the following:

"Experts describe using a variety of tools to complement reading programs. One district employs several reading programs to reduce perceived pedagogical gaps in individual programs. Others describe training teachers in instructional approaches that complement their flagship programs.

Several experts mention using assessment tools such as iReady, Amplify-mCLASS DIBELS, and Classworks to identify students’ learning needs. Assessment results are used to guide student learning paths and identify effective interventions."

“We have tremendous gaps in our students' learning. We had to look at how can we help fill in those gaps and not stress out the teachers. What we did is purchase Classworks so that we have a clear picture where students are. It also provides individual learning paths based on that and tools for the teacher to provide interventions,” Public Schools of Robeson County.

About Public Schools of Robeson County

An enrollment of more than 21,000 students makes the Public Schools of Robeson County one of the largest school systems in North Carolina. Principals, teachers and behind-the-scenes personnel work to provide the young people in our 39 schools an effective education. They also make us one of the largest employers in Robeson County.

About Classworks

Classworks leverages technology and evidence-based learning practices to transform how school districts support students' academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. The award-winning intervention solution includes academic screeners, math and reading individualized interventions, progress monitoring, social-emotional behavioral resources, and powerful data. Classworks screener and progress monitoring assessments are validated by the National Center of Intensive Intervention (NCII) and Classworks is endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE).

About Hanover Research

Hanover Research provides high-quality, custom research and analytics through a cost effective model that helps clients make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness.

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