Classworks® Adds IEP Goals, Objectives, and Easy Tracking to CASE-Endorsed Platform

March 10, 2023


Classworks Adds IEP Goals, Objectives, and Easy Tracking to CASE-Endorsed Platform

New SPED features complement the program’s award-winning SDI and Progress Monitoring 

Classworks, a Special Education solution endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE), added new IEP goal writing and progress monitoring features to their award-winning intervention and Special Education platform. 

Classworks now facilitates creating, writing, and achieving academic IEP goals for reading and mathematics.

Enhancements include:

  -Domain-specific Present Levels of Performance data for each student

  -Suggested standards for IEP Goals based on assessment data

  -Suggested standards and skill-based short-term objectives to support the IEP

  -Skill-based Progress Monitoring to track progress on the exact objectives chosen for the IEP

  -Copy and paste PLAAFP goal and objectives data into any IEP tool

“Our special education teachers are dedicated to creating high-quality IEPs customized to each student’s areas of need. However, that process can be cumbersome without the right data and tools. Classworks data is easy to understand and gives us exactly what we need to create meaningful goals. Plus, the progress monitoring being automatically tied to the objectives is a game changer for us,” states Katrina Jackson, director of special education, Montgomery Public Schools. “Teachers are thrilled that they have reliable data and documentation. Classworks has cut their IEP writing time in half!” 

How it Works

The comprehensive SPED solution has always included reading and math assessments validated by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) to identify present levels of performance by domain. Now teachers can easily add PLOP/PLAAFP statements, along with goals and objectives, right into their IEP tool. 

Teachers select from suggested standards-based grade-level IEP goals based on each student’s area of need. Additionally, Classworks provides a bank of objectives at the student’s present level that align to the selected grade level standard. The objectives are already included in the student’s Progress Monitoring to seamlessly measure progress toward the goal.  

“Classworks’ NCII-validated Progress Monitoring has long been a beloved solution for teachers due to its ease of use and automatic rate of improvement graphing,”  said Jerry Henley, senior vice president of product experience at Classworks. “We heard from our district partners about the need for consistency of data and easier tracking of progress towards goals. It made sense to tie progress monitoring data to chosen objectives automatically, giving teachers the confidence that they have reliable documentation.”

Specially-Designed Instruction

The program takes it a step further by delivering individualized specially-designed reading and math instruction to each student based on their screening and progress monitoring data. Students are working on exactly what the IEP has identified and their learning path is automatically adapted based on their weekly data.  

“Often special educators are using programs bought for them by gen ed that don’t meet their very specific need for streamlined data that connects present levels to measurable goals and objectives and consistently tracks progress,” explains Melissa Sinunu, Classworks president and COO. “We worked with our district partners to ensure the new features meet their need to create effective academic IEPs, measure and document progress, and deliver individualized SDI to achieve goals!”

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About Classworks

Classworks leverages technology and evidence-based learning practices to transform how school districts support students’ academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. Our CASE-endorsed, comprehensive Special Education solution includes academic screeners, math and reading specially-designed instruction, progress monitoring, suggested IEP goals and objectives, and powerful data visualizations. Classworks screener and progress monitoring assessments are validated by the National Center of Intensive Intervention (NCII).


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