Mississippi Approves Classworks® as Evidence-Based Academic Intervention

August 17, 2021

Classworks®, a best-in-class online intervention solution, is one of the first programs approved as an evidence-based intervention by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) Office of Student Intervention Services. The comprehensive MTSS solution joins Classworks Universal Screener in the company’s MDE-approved offerings. 

MDE’s Office of Intervention Services solicited a request for qualifications for a new, evidence-based academic interventions list of programs that address the needs for students in Tier II and Tier III and support students learning face-to-face, virtual, or in hybrid learning environments. The purpose of the list is to provide MS districts with state-approved, evidence-based interventions that include effective instructional strategies and research-based teaching methodologies.

“Classworks has been supporting Mississippi educators and students for over 15 years and we’re excited to see our evidence-based solution added to their approved interventions list. This year, more than ever, districts need simple but effective MTSS processes,” says Melissa Sinunu, Classworks president and COO. “Teachers must address unfinished learning as well as larger populations of students in Tiers II and III. Classworks’ streamlined intervention program supports teachers with identifying deficits, providing the right interventions, monitoring progress, and addressing students’ social and emotional learning needs."

Growth for MS Students Using Classworks
Classworks continues to have an impact on Mississippi students, even during the tumultuous 2020 - 21 school year. A recent study of middle school students revealed that students who used Classworks in grades six to eight experienced on average 5.7% more growth in reading and 4.5% more growth in math from fall to winter when compared to their peers. See the full study.
An important feature of Classworks’ comprehensive MTSS program is that all assessment data, including Classworks’ NCII-validated screener and progress monitoring assessments, automatically activate individualized reading and math interventions for every student. Interventions are adaptive based on the most recent data easing the burden for teachers of finding standards-based instruction to meet all needs.

Social and Emotional Learning
To support students this year with social and emotional learning (SEL), Classworks added several features into the all-in-one program. Classworks Goal Tracker, a digital student goal-setting tool, promotes ongoing communication and collaboration between teachers and students. Using the SMART framework, Goal Tracker addresses two important SEL competencies – self-management and self-awareness. Additionally, Classworks added a digital academic and behavioral report card for students to be used as part of MTSS, PBIS, and SST meetings. The new SEL features make Classworks one of the few programs on the market today that supports each tier of the MTSS process in one intuitive platform. Learn more about Classworks and SEL.

About Curriculum Advantage, Inc.
Curriculum Advantage, Inc. provides online instructional solutions proven to help students become critical thinkers and independent learners. Since 1993, millions of students have benefited from using our programs. Classworks® offers a comprehensive intervention solution that includes screening, K-8 math, reading and language arts instruction, progress monitoring, powerful reports and data visualizations, and social and emotional learning resources. As a CASE-endorsed program, Classworks is a game-changing solution for Special Education. Classbloom® offers teacher-led, K-8, close-reading passages and math problem-solving activities, standards tracking, and real-time teacher-student communication and collaboration. Our evidence-based educational solutions are built upon strong instructional pedagogy and technological innovation.

For more information, contact Jennifer Treichler at jtreichler@classworks.com