NC Check-In Results Now Inform Classworks® Individualized Instruction

September 20, 2019

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NC Check-In Results Now Inform Classworks® Individualized Instruction

Powerful combination of teacher-led and individualized instruction ensures success with Check-Ins

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA – September 17, 2019 – Classworks®, a solution known for providing best-in-class individualized learning, released instruction and resources to support teachers and students with North Carolina’s NC Check-In interim assessments. 

NC Check-In assessments provide actionable data and a reliable estimate of students’ current performance on specific reading and mathematics standards. Assessment items from the NC Check-Ins share a common item bank with the North Carolina End-of-Grade (EOG) tests, exposing students to similar item types and the rigor they’ll experience on the EOGs. 

With the release of the Classworks NC Check-In resources, teachers now have grade-level reading and math instruction aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS) to help students with mastery of the standards assessed on each Check-In. In addition, after each Check-In students receive individualized instruction based on the test results.

“The opportunity for teachers to use digital learning to address individual student needs is outstanding. Schools will have tools to foster growth at their fingertips. That should be an educator's goal, growing students,” says Carol Artis, director of elementary education, Wayne County Schools, NC.

Teacher-Led Reading and Math Lessons Matched to Each Assessed Check-In Standard 

Classworks Classroom Reading and Math lessons give teachers access to close-reading passages and differentiated math problem-solving activities that will prepare students for the standards assessed on each Check-In and the NC EOGs. Included resources make it easy for teachers to create lesson plans with the rigor students need to master grade-level standards. 

Each Student Receives a Learning Path Informed by their Check-In Result 

NC Check-In data is now actionable for teachers with Classworks Individualized Learning. Classworks automatically analyzes each student’s Check-In results and provides an assignment consisting of the skills addressed in the assessment. Students work independently on engaging activities to master needed skills in addition to the teacher-led instruction they are receiving to prepare for the next Check-In. Since 2003, Classworks has been putting assessment data to work for students and delivering the most effective individualized learning experience on the market. 

“We are excited to add North Carolina’s NC Check-Ins to the long list of high-quality assessments we work with,” explains Melissa Sinunu, president and chief operating officer of Classworks. “By providing rigorous grade-level lessons to prepare students for each Check-In and the ability to take action on each student’s Check-In result, Classworks affords students the best opportunity for success on their End-of-Grade assessments. More importantly, Classworks’ powerful combination of instruction and resources help students master skills and standards for life - not just for the test.”

As recent efficacy studies show,  students who use Classworks outperform growth norms and their peers in both reading and math across multiple grades. Classworks new NC Check-In resources provide North Carolina students with the tools they need to see similar successes.  

“Classworks is a fabulous program that uses pinpoint precision to diagnose students' deficit areas,” says Margie Wilder, Exceptional Children Educator, Hoke County Schools. “Creativity is allowed for individual instructional needs. Classworks is a marvelous co-teacher!“

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