What's Right With Our Schools: East Laurens Middle School Adopts Classworks

October 14, 2015

DUBLIN, Georgia 

East Laurens Middle School is helping their students excel in math.

School leaders are using "Classworks," a computer-based program to identify students' areas where improvement is needed. It can also be used for enrichment.

Once the areas in which students need help in are identified, they are assigned lessons to fill the gaps.

The instructional program cost about $35,000. It can be used for reading and math, but the school focuses on students' math skills.

"We've been steady in math," said East Laurens Middle School Principal Dr. O.J. Hall. "We haven't really gone backwards, but we have not moved any higher either."

If students need help after school hours, they can access the program from home.

"If they are having problems, they will get on Classworks and get them right, and when they get back to class they'll know what they're doing," says 6th grader Mikayla Wiggins.

The staff hopes to see growth in students' math scores.


For more information, contact Jennifer Treichler at jtreichler@classworks.com