Providing a FAPE: A Classworks Overview of the Progress Center Symposium

November 20, 2023

The Progress Center delivered an educational session, “Providing a FAPE: Lessons from the Due Process Hearing Front,” to help special educators maintain compliance with the new laws in mind. Post-Endrew F.

IDEA outlines some critical parameters for compliance with IEPs and FAPE. The session admonished that failure to collect weekly progress monitoring data is a red flag to lawyers.

“When I have a school district with a FAPE case, the first thing I do is go to the teacher and say: ‘Give me information on your student’s progress.’ If the teacher doesn’t have data, I consider advising the school district to settle,” noted Kathleen Mehfoud, Attorney with Reed & Smith and Consultant to LRP.

View our summary of the key takeaways and recommendations for how to ensure your special education teams are in compliance and general funds are not affected.

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