Seven Tips For Surviving State Testing

April 25, 2022

It’s time for state testing! Don’t forget to keep your eye on the prize and remember what’s important - your students! Your students are looking to you for encouragement, comfort, and assurance. Hot tip: smiling and laughing, even if it’s forced, can lessen the impact of stress.

Here are seven simple survival tips to put some pep in your day, week, and year-end!

  1. Wear those favorite tennis shoes!
    You know your teacher walk will be getting used this time of year. Pro tip: pair your favorite fun socks to add extra pep to your step. 
  2. Make time for a quick breakfast
    Have some nourishment to help with the long-standing and pacing.
  3. Bring a water bottle
    Standing all day does take out more of you than you think. Pro tip: infuse it with lemons or mint for a refreshing pick me up!
  4. Give yourself a good laugh
    Have a quick break when phones are allowed, and give yourself a laugh with these horribly hysterical jokes.
  5. Print out and read a free short story
    If allowed, reading a short story helps pass the time and keeps anxiety distracted.
  6. Take deep breaths
    Find your zen with your class when you start and breathe out the stress. When done, take five deep breaths to acknowledge that it’s done!
  7. Smile and know that you’ve all done the best you could
    We love smiling. Smiling is our favorite.

Our positive thoughts are with you this time of the year!

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