The Final Piece of the Puzzle for Sunlight Christian Academy

January 9, 2024

Sunlight Christian Academy, a private school located in Port Lucie, FL,  had the goal of implementing an effective MTSS program. They had several pieces in place but the puzzle wasn’t coming together. That’s when they decided to purchase Classworks. This final piece of the puzzle helped to make all the other pieces fit cohesively. 

Puzzle Piece #1 - Putting NWEA Data to Work

Sunlight uses NWEA MAP Growth assessments to identify which students need additional support and determine how to meet their needs. The first piece that was missing was the ability to put that data to work. Enter Classworks. Classworks uses NWEA MAP Growth results to deliver individualized interventions to each student based on what the test says they need to work on or are ready to learn. This is exactly what Sunlight was looking for -- the ability to use the data they have instead of incorporating another assessment.

“The teachers feel like it wasn’t just another program; it's actually going along with our (NWEA) testing, and they feel that they have more success planning their intervention,” said Nicole Spadaro, Principal, Sunlight Christian Academy.

The students at Sunlight began to excel in their reading and math interventions once Classworks was introduced. This is because Classworks units of instruction are designed to be engaging, scaffold learning, and help students master skills. Students work on skills along an evidence-based progression ensuring they are mastering the foundational skills they need to excel at their grade-level lessons. 

“I’m able to see the needs of each student with individualized lessons and hone in on their specific needs,” said Hatfield. 

Puzzle Piece #2- Progress Monitoring

Now that interventions were in place and having an impact it was time to see what kind of impact! Sunlight teachers knew they needed to implement Progress Monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions. Classworks was able to fill this need as well with NCII-validated progress monitoring that is easy for teachers to use. With automatic rate of improvement graphing and real-time dataSunlight teachers can easily monitor progress and make real-time adjustments. 

Looking for tips on how to select the best progress-monitoring tool for your district? Download our latest infographic. 

Puzzle Piece #3 - Reports and Data

The final piece of the puzzle for Sunlight was having the data and documentation for student support meetings and to send home to parents. Part of an effective MTSS program is continuing to monitor data and ensure the interventions you’re providing to students are working. User-friendly reports and data visualizations make that part of the process much easier. Additionally, teachers need user-friendly reports for parents. With Classworks, Sunlight enjoyed the intuitive reports and color-coded data visualizations that helped them identify which students needed more support and the exact support they needed. They were able to make data-driven decisions that truly improved outcomes. “The graphs in Classworks give you a visual to see growth and where adjustments are needed,” said Erika Hatfield, Interventionist Sunlight Christian Academy.

Learn more about the Classworks reports here. 

Support for Success

Sunlight is casting a ray of educational sunshine on their students with an effective MTSS program that is having an impact on their achievement. Classworks is proud to partner with Sunlight to bring together all the pieces of their MTSS puzzle to create a program that truly works for teachers and students.“As we are learning and growing, Classworks is always there for us,” says Spardo.

Looking for Success Like Sunlight?

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